Committed to the planet.
Designing for the future.
We believe Gap should be a force for good. Creating positive, sustainable change in the world, one stitch at a time.
Do more than sell clothes. Do more than sell clothes.
What we are doing
From water to wash, fiber to factory, the clothes you love to live in are made responsibly and with respect to the planet we all share.
  • Compared to conventional wash methods, our Washwell TM Program uses at least 20% less water and has saved millions of liters of water since 2016. You do good just by wearing our denim. So far, we’ve saved 289 million liters of water. That’s enough to fill 579 million water bottles. BETTER DENIM. BETTER PLANET. WASHWELL TM
  • Our Water Quality Program is designed to ensure our jeans are made in a way that protects local waterways and minimizes impact on the planet.
  • We source sustainable cotton through partnerships, recycled and organic programs.
  • Our upcycled and recycled fabrics have reused over 9.8 million standard plastic water bottles.
  • Organic cotton is better for people and the environment because it’s grown without the use of harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.
Empowering and supporting the people we work with and the world is a non-negotiable. It’s part of our brand ethos and it’s simply who we are and what we do on a daily basis.
  • Our Gap Inc. Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement (P.A.C.E.) program is an educational program that helps the women who make our clothes build the skills, knowledge, confidence, and resilience needed to advance in work and life. Every year we donate a portion of our profits to fund P.A.C.E.
  • Our Goal: by 2022 1 million women will have participated in P.A.C.E.
Get in on our feel-good styles.
Get in on our feel good styles. Get in on our feel good styles.
More ways we do good.
Since 2015 we’ve partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, whose mission is to advance the world’s most promising research to eradicate breast cancer. So far, we’ve funded over 6,047 research hours.
Learn about our 
“The Way We Do Things List”
The Way We Do Things List
These are the non negotiables for us.
The things Gap has always done and will always do.
  • We pay our employees equally (we always have).
  • We have been Open to All since 1969. Committed to inclusivity and opposed to discrimination in any form.
  • We check every factory that we source from for safe conditions and worker wellbeing.
  • We do not tolerate the use of child labor under any circumstances.
  • We believe in women—our goal is to reach over 1 million women through the Gap Inc. P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement & Career Enhancement) program.
  • We disclose our climate impacts every year in our Gap Inc. Sustainability Report, and we work hard to reduce them every day.
  • We ensure our denim are made in a way that protects local waterways and minimizes impact on the planet with our Water Quality Program.
  • We help protect ancient and endangered forests through our Canopy Style pledge.
  • We support the Corporate Arctic Shipping Pledge, a coalition of consumer goods and global logistics companies that oppose further development of polar shipping routes.
  • We never use real fur.
  • We never use sandblasting.
Things you can do to help.
(Beyond buying our clothes.)